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Materials from previous NPFM Presentations

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  • 2019-2020

October 29, 2020: Office Real Estate Opportunities and Challenges Today.  Materials can be found HERE and HERE .   

September 24, 2020:  Scenario Planning When You Don’t Know the Scenario. Materials can be found HERE and HERE 

        August 20, 2020:  Employee Dependent Care during Covid.  Materials can be found HERE

August 13, 2020: Office Re-OpeningMaterials can be found HERE

July 23, 2020: Five Internal Control Modifications Needed in Response to the ‘New Normal’. Materials can be found HERE 

June 25, 2020: Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Update – What Nonprofits Need to Know. Materials can be found HERE

June 11, 2020: Strategies to Lead During the Current Dual Crises: Racial and Social Upheavals and Covid-19.  Materials found HERE 

May 14 & 28, 2020: Two COVID Meetings: PPP Compliance & Forgiveness;  and Going Back to Office.  Materials can be found HERE

April 2, 7 & 14, 2020: Three COVID Meetings- 4/2-FOLLOWUP:  Families First Act;  4/7-REVIEW: CARES Act, PPP and Q&A;  4/14-UnEmployment in MA re: CARES Act & DUA.   Materials can be found HERE

March 26, 2020: COVID-19 challenges. Link to Description HERE.

February 27, 2020: Professional DevelopmentMaterials can be found HERE

January 30, 2020: How to Choose a Database. Materials can be found HERE

November, 2019: Learning to Love Restricted Revenue. Materials can be found HERE

October 2019: MA Paid Family and Medical Leave. Materials can be found HERE

September 2019: Best in Class Decision Making. Materials can be found HERE

  • 2018-2019

June 2019: Changes to Revenue RecognitionDescription can be found HERE

May 2019: Retirement Security for All. Description can be found HERE

March 2019: Welcome Aboard. Description can be found HERE

February 2019: Enterprise Risk Management. Materials can be found HERE

January 2019: How to Sleep at Night Knowing that your Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies are at work. Materials can be found HERE

November 2018, Detecting FraudMaterials can be found HERE

October 2018, Liquidity and Reserves–Is our Nonprofit Positioned for Success? Write-up can be found HERE

September 2018, Behind Every Thriving Organization is a High-Functioning CFO. Materials can be found HERE


  • 2017-2018:

    June 29, 2018, Developing an Affirmative Action Plan (and Why You Should). Materials can be found HERE

    May 31, 2018, Federal Funding Compliance: Best Practices for All Organizations. Materials can be found HERE

    May 3, 2018, Considerations and Legal Issues relating to Separation Packages for a Departing Employee. Materials can be found HERE

    March, 2018, New Innovations in HR – Employee Financial Security. Materials can be found HERE

    February, 2018, Fundraising Activities and the IRS: Things to Watch out for to Avoid Problems: Materials can be found HERE

    January, 2018 Meeting, Detoxifying the Workplace:  What can we do? Materials can be found HERE

    November, 2017 Meeting, Using Nonprofit Financials as a Strategic Decision-Making Tool: Materials can be found HERE

   October, 2017 Meeting, KRI Dashboarding: Materials can be found HERE

   September 2017 Meeting, Spreadsheet Risk: Materials can be found HERE

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  • 2016-2017:

June 2017 Meeting: How to Structure Your HR Department: Materials can be found HERE

May 2017 Meeting, Steering Through Uncharted Waters: Planning in Times of Financial Uncertainty, Materials can be found HERE

April 2017 Meeting, Lobbying vs. Advocacy: Massachusetts and Federal Requirements: Materials can be found HERE

March 2017 Meeting, Information Security for Nonprofits: Materials can be found HERE

February 2017 Meeting, Meet the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Public Charities Division: Materials can be found HERE

January 2017 Meeting, Best Practices and What’s New with Procurement Compliance: Materials can be found HERE

November/December 2016 Meeting, Common Errors in Financial Statement Preparation And how to Avoid Them: Materials can be found HERE

October 2016 Meeting, Background Checks: the Who, What, When, Where, How & Why. Materials can be found HERE

September 2016 Meeting, Exempt and Non-exempt Employees: Finding the Right Staffing and Compensation Strategy for your Organization. Materials can be found HERE


 ARCHIVES from Before 2012