January 30, 2020: How to Choose a Database

Your data is a strategic asset of your organization. Organizing data in a way that is easy to access and provides meaningful information to manage your operations is critical to your success. Join us to examine how to choose a database management system. We’ll provide a framework for choosing an effective database for your organization covering how to:

• Map your existing processes
• Review processes for potential improvements
• Gather needs requirements (Start with the end in mind)
• Prioritize needs and set timelines
• Craft and distribute Request for Proposal
• Define internal ownership and governance
• Manage vendor selection and implementation
• Establish procedures for ongoing use and maintenance of the system

Russell Greenwald, Vice President, Insource Services

As Vice President, Russell brings his substantial expertise in leading projects and process management to managing Insource’s operations and addressing client needs.
Utilizing his project management skills, Russell works as part of the executive team to co-lead the delivery of Insource’s professional services to clients. He is jointly responsible for the overall management of client success, Insource’s consulting services and business development. Russell has a proven track record in all areas of Insource’s key services, most notably within the development of strategic business and staffing goals, as well as developing and implementing multi-year technology plans.