MA Paid Family and Medical Leave

MA Paid Family and Medical Leave Law will be altering the legal requirements of all employers operating in Massachusetts, including nonprofits. This new law will require all employers to allow employees and covered individuals to, among other things, take up to 20 weeks of paid leave for an employee’s own health conditions and up to 12 weeks of paid leave for a family member’s illness. While the leave entitlements will not take effect until January 1, 2021, new notification requirements and payroll contribution deductions will go into effect by October 1, 2019. This workshop is intended for all nonprofits that have or are planning to hire employees and covered individuals that want to know more about this new legal requirement.

Presenters: Cathy Reuben and Kathleen Berney, attorneys with Hirsch Roberts Weinstein


  • What is the Paid Family and Medical Leave Law?
  • How will this affect nonprofit employers and employees?
  • What does my nonprofit have to do prior to July 1, 2019?
  • How can a nonprofit prepare for these changes?
  • Do employees have any requirements?
  • Who is considered a covered individual?
  • Who is considered a family member?
  • What is the payment schedule and how much does the employer need to pay during the leave?
  • What is considered a serious medical need?
  • What happens if I don’t comply with the new law?

Materials: Insource Services How to Choose a Database