March 31, 2022: How fixing technology for remote work can position you to solve other nagging problems: A case study

Remote work arrived suddenly for many workplaces, small and large, and exposed multiple shortcomings in our organizations’ IT function. As we move through a halting recovery we have an opportunity to rebuild our systems to meet a still uncertain future. Russell Greenwald of Insource Services will use a case study to illustrate the potential for solving our immediate problems, while also building a strong infrastructure for growth and resilience.

Presenter: Russell Greenwald co-leads the delivery and management of professional consulting services as Vice President at Insource Services. Russell has over 18 years of experience advising organizations on strategic goals, developing multi-year plans, and seeing implementations through to completion, particularly in the areas of process and technology. Russell has worked across industries, ranging from nonprofits to venture capital, biotechnology, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare.