February 25, 2021: Managing Workload

Title: Managing Workload

The pandemic, move to remote work, and dependent care challenges bring issues of workload to the forefront.  We complain about having too much to do in too little time but rarely do we make a concerted effort to identify and address root causes.  It’s not just a case of staffing capacity.  Often, individual behaviors and organizational culture push folks to take on more and more with expectations of immediacy.  In this session, we will discuss strategies at the individual, supervisory, and organizational levels.  We’ll also model and talk about what that process for tackling workload might look like within your organization.

This session will be facilitated by Gordon Gottlieb, Human Resources Consultant at TDC, who’s work focuses on the evolving human resource and board development needs of small to medium sized nonprofit organizations throughout New England.  Gordon is an annual presenter at the NPFM.