November NPFM Meeting: Detecting Fraud

Organizations regularly assess, through annual audits and other processes, whether they have adequate controls in place to prevent fraud but less effort is made to see if fraud is actually taking place.  Typically, CFOs and others responsible for safeguarding a nonprofit’s assets have not been educated in what to look for.  Often, one hears details of a fraud and the reaction is, “Wow, it never would have occurred to me to look at…”  All too often, after a case of fraud has been detected, people reveal that they ignored “red flags” they should have paid attention to.


John Mulvaney, Practice Leader for White Collar and  Government Enforcement Practice, Corporate Recovery and Litigation Services at CBIZ will provide concrete information on what you should be reviewing on a regular basis, what are typical “red flags”, and what to pay attention to if you suspect fraud.  He will also describe what he, in his role, focuses on in the course of a fraud investigation.  John is a former FBI agent and will have many interesting stories to tell us.