May 25, 2023: RAPID Decision Making Framework

Description: Over the years, Bridgespan has helped scores of nonprofits and NGOs learn about their RAPID® decision making framework.  The RAPID® framework can help your team create a shared language for decision roles and bring transparency to your decision processes. It helps clarify who provides input to a decision, who shapes the decision and ultimately decides on it, and who carries out the decision once it is made. Bridgespan has found it to be highly effective, and also easily adaptable to different situations, team sizes, and types of organizations

Presenter: Lindsey Waldron is a principal in Bridgespan’s Boston Office. She has worked with a variety of nonprofit and philanthropic clients on strategic planning and execution. She has also worked on the development and facilitation of Leading for Impact®, Bridgespan’s two-year consulting and capacity building program for nonprofit executive teams.  Prior to joining Bridgespan, Lindsey was a fellow with Education Pioneers, spent time in the classroom as both an English professor at a university in Santiago, Chile and as a Citizen Teacher in the Boston Public School System, and spent many years at PwC and Bain & Company.  Lindsey earned her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Richmond. 

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