April 27, 2023: Employee Financial Wellness

It is widely recognized that worker’s financial lives impact their work lives – either in reduced productivity, increased absenteeism or turnover. This is especially true for workers who live on low and moderate incomes, who are disproportionately people of color and women. The question that will be discussed in this session is what can employers do to support the financial health of workers and how do you balance workers’ privacy and employer’s interests. This will be an interactive session where Melissa will lead a discussion about what the research says about the specific problems that workers face and what you all are seeing; the benefits that most employers already offer that could be redesigned to support financial health, and the current specific workplace financial wellness products that are in-market and your experiences with their efficacy.

Melissa Gopnik brings over 20 years of strategic nonprofit leadership to this role. Throughout her career, she has combined her talents in strategic planning, program and product design, research, and public speaking to promote justice and equity. A longtime member of MPFM, more information about Melissa can be found on her website www.melissagopnik.org.