December 3, 2021: Values-Based Compensation Structures

Title: Values-Based Compensation Structures

How we operate, internally and externally, reflects what is important to our organizations and is ideally aligned with organizational values. Between the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act and urgency around racial equity, paying people fairly and consistently is more of a priority than ever. While that notion is simply good common sense, figuring out how to operationalize it is more complicated. Join us on December 2nd to:

Hear about how some organizations reflect their values through compensation:

  • Learn about the three roles a compensation structure can serve in your organization
  • Identify key questions every group should consider when developing an equitable compensation structure
  • Understand elements of equitable pay structures
  • Take away a step-by-step approach for developing your own equitable salary structure


Lyn Freundlich, M.S., C.P.C, has over 30 years of experience working in and with mission oriented nonprofit organizations.  She has consulted with over 100 nonprofits and trained thousands of nonprofit supervisors and staff, in large, international organizations and tiny, member-drive, local ones. She has served in Executive, Human Resources, Operations, and Director level roles. Her practice, Change for Good Coaching and Consulting (, provides coaching and training for nonprofits and small businesses and helps organizations design and implement values-based systems and processes. She also has and continues to serve on numerous nonprofit and community boards.

Powerpoint Slides for 11.29.21

Sample Job Group Worksheet