April NPFM Mtg (on May 2): Retirement security for all

Among small to medium-sized nonprofits, traditional pension plans are rare. Typically, an organization’s retirement plan enables employee contributions and some form of employer match. Beyond that, plans vary widely. Do some retirement plans tend to result in more savings for highly compensated employees, and less for everyone else? Are there things we can do to help ensure all our employees will be well-prepared for retirement, regardless of income? What are some practical ways to encourage greater equity in our retirement benefits?

Leading this discussion will be Aviva Sapers, President and CEO of Sapers & Wallack, Inc.  She is a licensed Insurance Advisor, and has expertise in executive benefits, estate liquidity planning and long term care. She will be joined by Scott Tuxbury, VP for Retirement and Wealth Management at Sapers & Wallack, an expert in qualified retirement plans.