June 24, 2021: Managed Accounting Services

Title: Managed Accounting Services
Summary: Joyce Ripianzi from AAF will be presenting and will address these questions:
  • What does it mean to outsource the accounting function?
  • When does it make sense to outsource?
  • What internal capacities are needed at your organization to ensure that outsourcing is successful?

Speaker:  Joyce is a Partner in the Consulting Division of AAFCPAs and a member of the firm’s growing Managed Accounting Solutions (MAS) practice, which provides “right-size” outsourced accounting solutions, from cloud-based bookkeeping to CFO deliverables, designed to optimize the effectiveness of the modern finance function. Joyce has 30+ years of diverse experience in public accounting at national and regional CPA and consulting firms. She is also a former CFO of an 18-million-dollar organization.