September 2015: Addressing Employee Performance Challenges via Well-managed & Effective Corrective Action

September 2015 Meeting:

Addressing Employee Performance Challenges through
Well-managed & Effective Corrective Action

Many nonprofit managers are conflict-avoidant.  So imagine how unenthusiastic they can be when it comes to engaging in disciplinary action (also called corrective action).  The fear of in-your-face arguments and a lack of confidence about how best to proceed reduce the likelihood of a decisive response when a staff person’s performance needs to be addressed.  The bad news is you have to do it, even if you know it will be incredibly stressful. The good news is that there are some basic approaches and tips that make this fearsome supervisory task less onerous.   We’ll talk about how both the organization and the individual supervisor play a role in addressing and resolving problematic work behavior.  Members’ case studies are most welcome.