March 25, 2021: Vaccine Nation: Return to Work and Employer Obligations

Title: Vaccine Nation: Return to Work and Employer Obligations
Summary: As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, employers must be educated on how to re-open safely while also protecting everyone’s rights.  Employers must consider whether they can require employees to be vaccinated, and whether they should require employees to be vaccinated.  These decisions are based on a cross-section of laws addressing disability discrimination, medical leave, and workplace safety.
Speaker: Jeff Siegel, a partner at Morgan, Brown, & Joy (  Jeff advises and represents employers of all sizes on all aspects of labor and employment law. Most recently his practice has focused on advising clients on the employment aspects of COVID-19 – including furloughs, employee pay issues, employee leaves of absence under new and existing laws, day-to-day human resources matters, and return to work obligations.