January 28, 2021: Remote control

Title: Remote control

Employers are asking, “What do I need to pay attention to in this world of increasingly remote work?” Saleha Walsh, VP of Insource’s HR practice group and DaQuall Graham, Insource’s Director of Talent Development will provide an overview of the key considerations as workforces become increasingly more remote, and may continue to do so, post-pandemic. They will review operational, compliance, security, and organizational culture challenges and opportunities currently facing small businesses as we adjust to this new reality.  Participants will:

o Identify workplace challenges and opportunities

o Examine suggested security considerations, training and policies

o Explore reimbursement trends

o Discuss practices and strategies for employee engagement, efficiencies, and automation

o Consider multi-state employment differences to pay attention to

o Review benefit considerations

2021-01-28 NPFM Managing Remote Workforce – Insource Presentation