February 27, 2020: Building a Professional Development System for Your Organization and Supporting the Professional Development of Administrative/Finance Staff

A new generation of employees is more motivated than ever to learn and to grow and has higher expectations of supervisors and employers in supporting their professional development.  At the same time, focusing on organization-wide and individual staff’s professional development is often a challenge for CFOs and others who oversee Human Resources.  As an initiative that is multi-faceted and is not deadline driven, professional development efforts may be carried out piecemeal and are more frequently pushed to the “back burner”.  Organizationally, it can be hard to know where to begin and sometimes, how to pay for it.  It can be even more challenging when thinking about professional growth for Administration and Finance staff, who often perform routine, repetitive functions, may not have the bandwidth to take on new work, and may not have a higher-level position to move into.

So, what’s a CFO/HR leader to do?  Kathleen Murray, Human Resources Director at Health Resources in Action, Jona Marashi, Associate Finance Director of EDC’s U.S. Division, and Mitzi Fennel, Chief Operating Officer at HRiA, will present on how to think about professional development and best practices in building and managing a comprehensive system within your organization.  The presenters will also address the particular needs and challenges in supporting the professional development of your own staff.

Professional Development Presentation Feb 2020