April 2014 Meeting

Do’s and Don’ts of Executive Compensation

Executive compensation is a critical area of governance for all nonprofits. Compensation and benefits are expected to be reasonable in order to avoid excess compensation for any one individual but what does that mean and how does a nonprofit know whether their compensation package would be considered reasonable in the event of an IRS audit or the press?

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March 2014 Meeting

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI):
How to be diligent and fair with background checks (and not get into trouble).

Greg Massing, Executive Director of the Rappaport Center for Law and Public Service at Suffolk University Law School, was instrumental in drafting, passing, and implementing the Commonwealth’s CORI reform legislation as a member of the Patrick Administration from 2007 to 2011. Dave Wilson, a partner at Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP, advises businesses and non-profits on employment matters, including how to navigate the Commonwealth’s CORI and non-discrimination laws in the hiring process.

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February 2014 Meeting

Retirement Plans:  Considerations for Creating, Maintaining, Getting and Staying in Compliance

Richard Cawthorne, President of the Alpha Pension Group, an independent pension consulting firm that manages retirement plans for various organizations, gave a presentation on retirement plan administration best practices and prudent management of retirement plan offerings. Richard is a Registered Investment Advisor and a Certified Retirement Plan Specialist.

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