Sept 24, 2020: Scenario planning when you don’t know the scenario

Because information has been changing so rapidly, no summary of the actual discussion is posted. The conversation, however, covered significant ground & questions from the participants. Some resources presented during the meeting are also noted below, or attached. 


We are all planning in a time of immense uncertainty. As finance managers we need to start with the questions so we can serve in our roles with clarity. What do we need to understand about our organization’s business right now? What are the milestones that help guide us, and when should we know them? How do we prioritize our activities and develop a realistic business plan (or budget) given all the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic? What is necessary for our organization to ‘become whole’ after COVID-19? Join us for an hour that combines tips, tools and conversation to help us navigate our unique times and develop scenario plans and forecast accordingly.



Sandi McKinley (SectorWind) works with organizations to build the knowledge, tools and capacity necessary to identify the types and amounts of resources needed to be resilient, strong and financially agile. Sandi builds on over 20 years of experience, recently as the Vice President for Nonprofit Finance Fund overseeing the national consulting program, to offer a continuum of services from workshops to building forward-looking strategic financial/business plans that engage communities, boards and funders in candid conversations about the intersection of mission and money.

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