February 2016 Meeting-FSA/HRA/HSA; Strategic Use of Medical Tax Favored Products

Today, most employers have adopted a consumerism approach to their employer sponsored health insurance by positioning the plan alongside a tax-advantaged medical savings account. The challenge employers face however, is determining which type medical savings account is best suited for their employee population and how to engage and educate employees on maximizing the benefits of these products.

We will evaluate each product’s advantages and discuss strategies to enhance employee engagement and reduce expenses for both employees and employers alike.

Presenter: Marijane Norris Geary, President, Yozell Associates, Boston MA.

Yozell Associates, a full service employee health and welfare benefits firm, has been providing strategic advice and services to its respective clients for over sixty years. Marijane works with clients to implement strategies that address healthcare cost drivers, total workforce health, absence management, utilization  of specialty pharmaceuticals and changes in the provider delivery system.

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February 2014 Meeting

Retirement Plans:  Considerations for Creating, Maintaining, Getting and Staying in Compliance

Richard Cawthorne, President of the Alpha Pension Group, an independent pension consulting firm that manages retirement plans for various organizations, gave a presentation on retirement plan administration best practices and prudent management of retirement plan offerings. Richard is a Registered Investment Advisor and a Certified Retirement Plan Specialist.

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