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Best in Class Decision-Making

September 26, 2019

This session will focus on good decision making, which includes not only the quality of the decision that is made, but also the process for getting to that decision.  We will introduce what research has shown to be “best in class” decision-making behaviors, and share a framework that helps clarify decision roles.  In order to get the most out of the session, please take a few minutes prior to the meeting to do the following:

  • Think about a significant decision that you were recently a part of, that you feel didn’t go as well as it could have
  • Why didn’t the decision go well? Think about what went wrong:
    • In the way the decision-making process was set up
    • In the way the decision was made
    • In the communication and follow through of the decision

In the session, we will ask you to map the challenges against the best in class behaviors, and brainstorm opportunities to improve with a colleague from another organization.


Bob Searle is a partner in Bridgespan’s Leadership practice.  He originally joined Bridgespan in 2000 and served in a number of roles over 13 years at the organization, including lead for Bridgespan’s Environment practice.  His consulting work has focused on strategic and organizational growth for nonprofits and foundations across a spectrum of social issues.

Prior to his return to Bridgespan in 2016, Bob was at New Profit, Inc., a venture philanthropy fund based in Boston, as Managing Partner for Portfolio Performance & Support.  In that role, he focused on strengthening New Profit’s portfolio support tools and processes, including its internal measurement capabilities.

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